• Kyra Weinkle is an interdisciplinary designer and artist based in Denver, Colorado.

    Hands-on designer, strategist and program manager with two decades of experience leading change initiatives and development projects that advance sustainability, placemaking, and equitable community building through improved performance in the built environment. A visual thinker with a talent for bringing together cross functional teams to solve complex problems and shift behaviors toward a healthy, thriving, and bright future.

    My art practice is driven by the pleasure of making, experimenting, and playfully exploring material processes. Works focus on our tendency to accumulate collections, reimagining personal narratives, and allowing magical qualities of materials to emerge as work develops. I cofounded the Denver Papier Mâché Club in 2018 to celebrate the wide interpretation and accessibility of the medium with others. The open ended nature of my studio practice balances the structured methodologies of my professional work.

    Kyra received her BFA in Time Based Arts from University of North Carolina at Charlotte in 2001 and an MS in Integrated Design, Business, and Technology from University of Southern California in 2024.

    Senior Sustainability Consultant | NORESCO
    MS Integrated Design, Business, & Technology | USC IYA
    Artist | Tank Studios
    Denver Papier Mâché Club | Come Play

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