As artist and designer, my work process looks at challenges from a curious and optimistic perspective. Each phase of development is treated as an experiment open to unexpected outcomes. Detailed observations string together until they form a defined vision to pursue; ideas are tested and refined until a positive impact is achieved. Working iteratively can require a longer navigation stage, but results in a more complete, innovative, and satisfying resolution.

    My desire is to find solutions to complex problems that enrich as well as preserve cultural and environmental resources. A user centered, design thinking based work process can apply to any challenge: from accurately conveying an abstract idea as a concrete solution through storytelling, to tackling a social justice issue such as bridging the gap between malnourished children and school gardens.

    Design Concepts: curiosity / optimism / collaborative design thinking

    Artistic Focus: energetic impressions / light and time sensitivity / experimental processes

    Skills: photography / illustration / concept visualization / fabrication

    I find that outcomes are more successful when they are discovered together as a team. If you are interested in collaborating on a design challenge, photography or other project, I'd love to hear about your ideas. Email me to start the conversation.