Kyra Weinkle is an artist, designer, and photographer currently based in Denver, Colorado. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Time Based Art from University of North Carolina, Charlotte in 2001 and a Graduate Certificate in Green Building from Colorado State University, Fort Collins in 2006. Kyra’s design practice is focused on user-centered, performance based solution development that applies methods of inquiry and design thinking to lead teams through complex problem solving processes. Professionally, she works for Noresco, an energy services company, assisting public and private clients to achieve energy savings and sustainability goals, most notably with the State of California’s zero net energy building code trajectory.

    In Kyra’s art and photography focused work, distinct series emerge that include a ‘living document’ of film-based candid photography that casually observes surrounding environments, events, and the human experience; and time-based experimental work that plays with the interaction of light, time, and space to make evocative, vague and memory like images.

    Recently, another direction of work has taken shape: she cofounded the Denver Papier Mâché Club, an invitation to herself and other artists to explore a medium playfully and without pressure. A group exhibition exuding the “chill and fun” nature of the club will take place in November 2018 at Alto Gallery in Denver, CO.